Contact information

Contact information for the service points

City exchange 015 1941 (on weekdays from 8 am. to 4 pm)


You can leave mail for the different units, sectors and decision-making bodies of the city in the registry. In the Registry, the documents are registered in the case processing system and sent onwards to the right unit.

For example, you can leave referendum initiatives and requests for opinion to the City of Mikkeli to the Registry. In addition, decisions related to public announcements and other documents are accessible at the Registry.

Postal address P.O. BOX 33, 50101 Mikkeli

City Hall

Raatihuoneenkatu 8–10, 50100 Mikkeli

The City Hall has several work spaces and meeting facilities. The City Board, the City Council and the various committees all convene at the City Hall. The main door of the City Hall is locked, as there is no receptionist staff in the building. For larger meetings and public events, the doors will be opened. During office hours, the building can be accessed by ringing the doorbell.

City Office Building

Maaherrankatu 9–11, 50100 Mikkeli (doors open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm)

The City Office Building has several work spaces and meeting facilities. The first floor contains the official notice board of the city.

City staff telephone directory

You can search for the contact information you need from the city staff telephone directory by the name of the person you are trying to reach.