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The City of Mikkeli communicates its operations, services, events and decision-making actively and interactively through various channels.

The communications of the entire city are coordinated centrally from the communication team of the Municipal Corporation and Vitality Services. The service sectors are responsible for their communications, under the directors of the sectors.

The visual look of the city of Mikkeli

There are several alternatives in the visual marketing look and design of the City of Mikkeli. If you are working together with the City and need the Mikkeli logo e.g. for your brochure or other publication, please contact 

Coat of arms

The pictorial elements in the coat of arms of the city of Mikkeli are the bow and arrow of the Savo region and two Marshal’s staffs. In addition, Mikkeli’s coat of arms is the only one in Finland to contain the cross of liberty, added to the coat of arms as a recognition of functioning as the city of headquarters in the wars.

The City only uses its coat of arms in separately specified, solemn occasions.

Bodies outside the City may also apply for a permit to use the coat of arms. The permit is applied with a written free-form application. The application is submitted to the city registry at

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