City Board

The City Board convenes nearly every Monday. The meetings of the Board are not public. As a rule, the agendas of the meetings are published online on the Friday noon before the week in which the meeting is held. The final protocols are published after the meeting.

The minutes of the meetings from the Board meetings will be published online in 1 to 2 days after the meetings, and the examined minutes during the same week.

For extracts from the minutes and additional information about the minutes, please contact Ari Liikanen, Administrative Director, tel. +358 44 794 2031 or ari.liikanen(at)

The City Board also has planning meetings in which matters to be prepared and taken up for decision-making are discussed. No decisions are made in the planning meetings. However, an agenda must be prepared and minutes of the meeting are taken.

Composition of the City Board

The Mikkeli City Board has 11 members, each with a personal deputy.

The chairperson of the City Board is Pekka Pöyry (Centre Party)

The 1st deputy chairperson of the City Board is Jarno Strengell (Social Democratic Party)

The 2nd deputy chairperson of the City Board is Jani Sensio (Finns Party)