City Council

The City Council, the highest decision-making body in the city, makes the decisions regarding the most important matters, such as city strategy and the annual budget, in which the appropriations and the key targets of operations for each administrative area are defined.

The Council convenes approximately once per month, and the meetings are open for the public. The meetings may be watched from the gallery of the council hall or from the seats reserved for the public at the back of the hall. The meetings can also be seen live or as a recording on the City’s YouTube channel. In addition, meetings can be watched in real-time on Twitter with the hashtag #mlivaltuusto.

The seminars, information events and informal evening sessions are internal planning meetings of the Council.

Composition of the City Council

The City Council has 51 members, each with a personal deputy.

The chairperson of the Council is Oskari Valtola (National Coalition Party).

The first deputy chairperson of the Council is Laura Hämäläinen (Centre Party).

The second deputy chairperson of the Council is Minna Pöntinen (Green League).