Nikkinen Croft

The Nikkinen Croft is located in the chuch village of Suomenniemi. From the late 19th century onward, the dwelling belonged to constable Matti Nikkinen (1860–1943), who was a well-known and active member of his community. The building was used as a library from the 1920s to the year 1950. The stove room, later equipped with a masonry heater, was once occupied by a seamstress.  

Following a land exchange between the local congregation and the municipality, the croft’s ownership was transferred to the Suomenniemi municipality at the end of the 1970s. The local heritage society began collecting objects and opened the croft to the public in 1981. The City of Mikkeli became the croft’s current owner as a result of a municipal merger in 2013.

The Nikkinen Croft is open only during the Suomenniemi week in July. The opening hours are maintained by the local heritage society, Suomenniemen kotiseutuyhdistys. Temporary exhibitions are organized in the croft’s chamber room.


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  • There is a drop-off and pick-up area for car passangers near the entrance (5 m distance at max.)
  • The pathway to the croft is uneven
  • There are stairs with two consequent steps on the route to the entrance
  • The entrance stands out clearly
  • There are stairs with two consequent steps at the entrance
  • The door is heavy and can be difficult to open
  • There are thresholds over 2 cm high at the entrance
  • The service point is in the same story as the entrance
  • There are thresholds over 2 cm high at the service point
  • The doors of the service point stand out clearly

Nikkinen Croft
Suomenniemen kirkonkylä
Opinraitti 8
52830 Suomenniemi

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Open only during the Suomenniemi week or by reservation.

Riitta Kiljunen, Suomenniemen kotiseutuyhdistys
+358405672173 (local network / mobile call charge)