Exhibitions at Suur-Savo Museum

Moments of Life – Rauha Wallenius’s Photography

2 May 2024 – 8 March 2025

Photographer Rauha Wallenius (1903–1975) was born in Lappeenranta and worked in Mikkeli for over 30 years. Wallenius was a versatile photographer, taking portraits in her studio and diligently documenting the surrounding city, nature, and her travels. She recorded the important moments of her life, while doing the same for the citizens of Mikkeli in her studio. The exhibition features photographs taken by Wallenius in and outside of her studio. The exhibition also displays a brief overview of the history of studio photography.

Children playing on Maaherrankatu in front of photo studio of Rauha Wallenius. Photo: Rauha Wallenius, Collections of Suur-Savo Museum, Photo Archive of Mikkeli City Museums.