Early childhood education and care

Mikkeli offers both municipal and private early childhood education and care services.

The operations are based on the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care and the early childhood education and care plan by the City of Mikkeli. The Daisy service system is used in early childhood education services. In the Daisynet section, the guardians of the child can book and monitor the hours that their child spends in the early childhood education services. In the eDaisy section, all other electronic communication, such as applications and any changes to them, are processed.

More information on early childhood education and care in Mikkeli (in Finnish)

The Daisy online service for early childhood education

The Daisy online service is used in the early childhood education services. With the DaisyNet software, guardians can book the required hours in the early childhood education services for their child. The software allows the guardians and the staff of the early education services to communicate with each other. In eDaisy, guardians can electronically manage matters related to the care of their child in an easy way.


What is eDaisy?
eDaisy is the electronic early childhood education service used in Mikkeli, in which guardians can make applications and send notifications to the early childhood education services as well as receive decisions regarding the placement of their child and any payment decisions. The service can only be used via the online service with strong authentication with either personal banking IDS or the mobile certificate. The service contains the following:

  • Application for day care
  • Registration for free-of-charge pre-school education
  • Service voucher application for private day care services
  • Income statement notifications
  • Notifications of changes and termination of day care services
  • Placement and payment decisions

All placement and payment decisions related to early childhood education services are visible in eDaisy, either in the upper left corner or on the right side.


What is DaisyNet?
DaisyNet is the daily service for communication between the guardians and staff of early childhood education services, which contains the following:

  • Booking day care hours
  • Information on absences
  • Daily communication: messages and group-specific permits, notice boards, matters about the child’s growth and development
  • Up-to-date basic information about the family: information about the child, such as allergies, people permitted to pick the child up from day care, general permissions