Service Point at the City Office Building

The Service Point at the City Office Building is a shared customer service point for the public administration, maintained by the City.

In addition to the City services, residents have access to the services of the Tax Administration, the Local Register Office, KELA, TE office services for jobseekers and the licence administration of the Police. Remote services with these operators and with the South Savo legal aid office is also possible at the Service Point.

The remote services complement the service offering of the Service Point by providing citizens with the opportunity to contact expert authorities through an online connection.

Service Point services

  • advice on public services
  • brochures and forms required for the services of public administration
  • receipt of documents and initiation of proceedings
  • payment of invoices sent by the City
  • enrolment to courses of the Community College and payment of course fees
  • remote services
  • customer computers for public use
  • fishing permits and fees in the city water areas and lure permits in the Mikkeli fishing areas (incl. Sairila and Pitkäjärvi)
  • parking permits for veterans and payable parking cards
  • pet cemeteries
  • facility bookings (Elomaan talo, Urpolan kartano and Vanha sotku)
  • books about the history of the city and the merged municipalities as well as guide maps to the city are sold here
  • Public transport tickets for Waltti public transport services and timetables
015 194 2100 Chargeable

Visit address
Maaherrankatu 9-11
Palvelupaikka kartalla
Näytä reitti tänne

Mailing address
PL 33, 50101 MIKKELI